Rules and regulations

Even though essentially the drug serves the purpose of being a pain killer, the negative use as an addictive drug has resulted in close monitoring of the sale of Hydrocodone APAP and the DEA has taken several steps to ensure that the drug is not being sold without a valid prescription signed by a practicing doctor. Realizing the great demand for the product, there are several pharmacies operating online which look to sell the product without prescription. While this may sound fascinating to all those who are looking to get Hydrocodone without prescription, there are several major issues with it. It is important to note that firstly, purchasing this drug without any prescription is considered to be illegal, as set out by the regulations under DEA. However, to deal with this problem, there are several online consultancy services which after filling out a small questionnaire generate a prescription which is being accepted at pharmacies across the country.

It is important to note that these prescriptions are illegal and the pharmacies which are designated to hold the stock of Hydrocodone are strictly instructed not to sell the drug to anyone who presents such an online generated prescription. The business of having illegal pharmacies and the sale of Hydrocodone at them has become a matter of serious concern which has been a major contributing factor to the increasing levels of addiction in the country. While the authorities are taking all the necessary steps to ensure its proper usage, consumers should also be careful in purchasing the product, especially the online business of Hydrocodone.

Selling Hydrocodone without a prescription online

It is worth noting how much cheap Hydrocodone is available on the internet. In order to attract the consumers by facilitating them to purchase the drug without having to go through the effort of presenting a prescription, many pharmacies offer Hydrocodone at a discounted rate. Furthermore, they would offer you with free shipping services and delivery offers to entice you into the purchase. They are certain of the level of demand that the product has, one which shall not go down for its addictive nature.

As a result of this, pharmacies tend to exploit the consumers’ readiness for the product by often giving them counterfeit sold under the name of Hydrocodone or changing the expiration date of the product. This means that a single 7.5 mg Hydrocodone pill may in fact be who knows what. This proves to be further devastating whereby not only addiction prevails in the country, but the side effects are aggravated. Having a signed prescription is not only important for purchasing the product but at the same time the amount of dosage that you should be taking is also crucial. It is therefore highly recommended that getting Hydrocodone without prescription is not a wise idea and is one that poses serious threats to your health.

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